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Hello there and welcome to Sing 4 Wellbeing, the new hub for singing events and workshops in Hampshire. I'm delighted that you've found me and I can't wait to tell you more.

I am a professional Vocal Coach and Choir Director and I've been teaching in a whole range of settings, from primary schools to adult community choirs for over 14 years. I'm so lucky to have made a career out of my love of music.

Although I teach professionally I recently found myself where you are right now; wanting to find an opportunity to make glorious music in a relaxed and informal setting and without the need to commit to a time slot every week in order to participate.

Feeling inspired, I set off in search of such events in my local area of Hampshire and I was surprised to find that what I was looking for just wasn't on offer. I did find some workshops but they were few and far between and quite expensive.

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So it was at this point I decided that if I couldn't find the services I was seeking, I would create them instead! Several months and a lot of planning later, I'm ready to go and so excited for you to join me.

Now you know more about me and what I'm offering, you might be thinking one of the following thoughts:

A) Yes, this is totally up my street and I can't wait to get started!
Brilliant! I can't wait to meet you. Please look through the website and contact me.

B) I think it might be for me but I have some concerns
No problem at all. Concerns and queries are natural and hopefully I'll be able to put your mind at ease.

choirs Hampshire

1. "I'm not a good enough singer and I'll spoil the sound in the group"
The wonderful thing about singing is that everyone has a unique voice. In western culture we have, in the past, put too much emphasis on creating the 'perfect sound' and I have worked with so many mature students who have developed unhealthy vocal techniques as a result of being told that they couldn't sing at some point in their lives. I am so pleased to say that we continue to move away from this outdated and shortsighted perspective about singing and now more and more people are enjoying singing because they want to, not because someone has told them that they can sing or that they are allowed to! Singing is for EVERYONE!

choirs Hampshire

2. "I'm too shy and nervous to sing"
Your initial thought may be that small group singing means that you're going to be more exposed than you would be singing in a bigger group where you can hide. Actually you'll be surprised how quickly a strong bond is formed in a small group because you're all in it together. Once this happens you'll find yourself relaxing and allowing yourself to enjoy creating musical experiences with new friends.

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3. "I don't have enough musical experience to sing in a workshop"
Here's the wonderful thing about my workshops. They are accessible to adults of all ages, abilities and musical experiences. If this is a brand new hobby to you then that's great! You'll be welcomed in with open arms and we'll all be supporting each other. The best workshops are formed by having a whole variety of people with different musical backgrounds.

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4. "I can't join because I don't read music"
Well let me stop you right there. There is no requirement to read music and ALL the songs we sing will always have the option of lyric sheets. Some of the songs we sing will be taught by ear and won't require any music or lyric sheets at all.

choirs Hampshire

5. "I'd like to sing but I don't want to perform"
Good news! My workshops are all about singing in a relaxed and comfortable environment with the emphasis being solely on making an organic sound within the session and not preparing for a performance. Unless clearly specified, and only on rare occasions, all our music making will happen throughout the workshop and will be inclusive to you and your fellow group members at that workshop only.

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6. "A small group... does that mean I'll have to sing a solo?"
Absolutely not! You can sing as much or as little as you want in a non-pressured setting. You may be surprised at just how quickly you bond with your fellow workshoppers and you might just discover a whole new voice that you didn't even know you had!

choirs Hampshire

About SING 4

Alison Wilson BMus (Hons) is the founder and director of Sing 4 Wellbeing. She began singing at a young age and discovered early on that music was going to feature in her career.

After graduating from Trinity College Of Music, London, Alison began working for Hampshire Music Service as a vocal coach and this gave her the opportunity to experience teaching in a whole range of settings from primary school group teaching to adult workplace choirs. It was through this teaching experience that Alison realised her passion for leading singing groups and in 2012 she founded her own choir Acca Voce, which continues to run successfully at our new venue of Brookfield School in Park Gate, Hampshire. As well as Acca Voce, Alison also teaches for performing arts school Stagecoach as a Vocal Coach, runs a workplace choir for Fareham Borough Council and coaches many students privately.

In September 2017 Alison started Sing 4 Wellbeing to give adults of all ages and vocal abilities the opportunity to have a unique musical experience through the running of a series of singing workshops that cover a whole variety of musical genres and take place at different locations in Hampshire and West Sussex.

Sing 4 Wellbeing - What's On

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